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Supplements are sometimes looked at as sacrilege in the paleo template, but that is not how I see them. Essentially, if it can be used for benefit by your body with no negative consequence, you would be a fool to not utilize it. I’m writing a series of blog posts on supplements so people can […]

Creatine gets a bad rap sometimes but is commonly misunderstood. This is why I’ve chosen to write the definitive guide to creatine benefits.

Many people have heard of magnesium, but what does magnesium do, really? Why should we worry about it? Should we supplement? These are all important questions that we’ll address in this article. UPDATE: I was sick of not having an all-in-one night time supplement containing magnesium, so I made one. Click here to checkout Momental Mend and use code […]

When people think of vitamin D they generally think it does one thing – build bones. It turns out it does much, much more. Vitamin D controls over 1000 processes in your body. When you are completely deficient, you end up with dysregulation of mineralization in your bones called rickets. When you’re not at optimal […]

With the explosion of supplements and subsequent “proprietary blends,” it seems like a good time to reevaluate one of the staples that people spend so much money on: whey protein. The ubiquitous “protein shake” is downed over and over but are we really looking at where it comes from and how we best utilize this […]