Episode #15

Tony Wrighton

Biohacking For a Happier and Healthier Life

015: Biohacking For a Happier and Healthier Life - Tony Wrighton
The best hacks for energy really are the simplest, aren’t they? Certainly one of those for me is eating well. Click To Tweet

Want to improve your communication skills, eat healthier, optimize your energy, boost your brain power, and sleep better?

It’s not rocket science.

You don’t need expensive equipment or even a lot of time in the day to improve your health. It all starts with your daily habits and the choices you make, including what you have for lunch or how often you eat throughout the day.

You can optimize these choices through something called biohacking, which you may have heard about already. There’s more to it than just putting butter in your coffee, though. It’s essentially a way to enhance your physical and mental performance with different biohacks — aka smart healthy habits that work for you.

In this episode, I’ll sit down with Tony Wrighton to dig into effective biohacks.

Tony is a well-known Sky sports presenter in the UK, an expert in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) who’s published 3 books on the topic, speaker, and host of the top-rated podcast Zestology.

He’s a long-time biohacker, starting with his studies on NLP, which helped him become a more effective and persuasive communicator. Being a radio show host at the time, these skills came in extremely handy, as he was able to raise the listening numbers for his show, connect deeper with his audience, and impress his boss.

Nowadays, Tony is tinkering with every aspect of his health, including stress, sleep, nutrition, motivation, and brain function, and today he tells us all about his results.

There is something else that I think ties into a meditative state, although it’s not meditation as such, and to me it’s possibly the most successful neurohack I do on a daily basis. And that is, very simply, switching all technology… Click To Tweet

In this episode, we go over:

  • What neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is
  • Tips for radically improving your verbal and non-verbal communication and become more persuasive
  • The 4 core values of the happiest and most successful people Tony has interviewed
  • The life-changing event that pushed Tony to start hacking his nutrition
  • How Tony transitioned from a paleo to a ketogenic diet
  • Why it takes a while to become fat-adapted and how to accelerate the process
  • How Tony improved his gut function and energy levels with the ketogenic diet
  • The carnivore diet and why avoiding veggies is not actually terrible
  • The perks of tracking your health habits (in a spreadsheet)
  • What methylated supplements are and who needs them
  • What cystine levels are and why it’s important to check them
  • The link between cystine levels and inflammation
  • Two simple lifestyle changes you can make to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, especially if you’re genetically inclined to have it.
  • How to use intermittent fasting while travelling to prevent jet lag
  • Does coffee interfere with intermittent fasting?
  • The one thing you can do to stick to new healthy eating habits
  • Tips for drinking alcohol in a smart way
  • What ammonia oxidizing bacteria is and why Tony uses it
  • Tony’s tips for lower stress and better sleep
  • Tony’s morning routine

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