Episode #187

Chris Irvin

Just Try It For Yourself & See How You Feel

Chris Irvin
Just try making healthier changes and see how you feel. It doesn’t matter what the science says if you objectively feel better; that’s what determines success. Click To Tweet

I’m super excited to welcome Chris Irvin, aka The Ketologist, back on the podcast. We chat about what’s new in our health journeys and what’s currently bothering us about the health and wellness community.

BPC-157 definitely delivers the most impressive results I’ve ever experienced from taking any supplement. Click To Tweet

We both agree it’s time to take control of your well-being rather than wait for the science or the latest influencer to tell you what to do.

Tune in to learn why and hear our thoughts about:

  • Supplements and peptides like Methylene blue and BPC-157
  • Why obesity is probably not genetic
  • The seed oil debate
  • Studies and influencers that spoon-feed us the wrong information about our health
  • The biggest problems with pharmaceutical companies and get-healthy-quick fixes
  • What’s concerning about US Dietary Guidelines 
  • The magic of farmers’ markets
  • Why I’m so excited to dive into elk hunting

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