Episode #185

Myles Snider

Food Philosophies and Intuitive Cooking

Myles Snider - Intuitive Cooking
I really think having pizza with your friends can be healthier for you than eating grilled chicken & steamed broccoli at your desk between stressful meetings. Click To Tweet

Our ancestors used intuitive cooking to thrive, and I’m 100% on board with that food philosophy.

Rather than follow step-by-step recipes, they harnessed the power of their senses to make the most of local, seasonally available fresh ingredients. 

My friend Myles Snider also champions intuitive cooking. 

Open fire is the ultimate expression of cooking; you really have to cook from a place of intuition. When you do, there’s nothing more satisfying. Click To Tweet

As a chef, real food enthusiast, and creator of 80/20 Cooking, he teaches people how to master the basics in the kitchen so they can freestyle healthy, nourishing meals using what’s locally in season.

So I invited him on the podcast to dish about food shopping tips, ingredients he avoids, and the differences between well-cooked food and holistically nutritious, satisfying meals.

You’ll also hear our takes on:

  • Why stressing about food macros may do more harm than good
  • How your location and season naturally influence your eating preferences
  • Why “almost any food can be healthy”
  • Using high-quality condiments (like oils, vinegars, and the best ketchup!) to add excitement to simple staple meals 
  • Biodynamic farming
  • The magic and science of open-fire cooking (and why it’s the best cooking skill)
  • Why you feel hungry and unsatisfied after eating at the top restaurants (or fast food chains)

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