Episode #176

Dr. Jill Crista

Breaking the Mold To Take Back Your Health

Dr. Jill Crista
70-80% of symptoms of mold sickness are due to mycotoxins; only 15-20% from spores & spore fragments, but most inspectors aren’t testing for mycotoxins. Click To Tweet

I chat with Dr. Jill Crista, a leading expert at the forefront of mold-related illness diagnosis and treatment, to uncover how mold harms your health while flying under the radar of conventional medical protocols.

After dealing with a toxic mold burden and going through the remediation process myself, Dr. Jill’s unique perspective on natural ways to heal the body post-mycotoxin exposure became a fantastic resource for me.

A trained functional medicine naturopath, she first encountered mold sickness when she couldn’t help a group of Lyme disease patients feel better. Turns out, all but one tested positive for mold.

Dr. Jill then moved into a new house with mold and watched her family struggle with symptoms before realizing the cause. This situation is all too common, as she says more than 1 in 4 buildings have had enough water damage to grow toxic mold. 

When mold enters a space, it becomes the dominant energetic force; it has a mission & purpose. We must stop resonating with it to shake it off its course. Click To Tweet

So could mold be why you feel unwell despite your healthy wellness routine? And can mold victims actually achieve free and clear mycotoxin test results?

Join us as we dive into all things mold in this episode, including:

  • Common symptoms of mold sickness. 
  • The best collection models and tests for your home and health.
  • Why inspectors and medical experts turn a blind eye to mycotoxins (even though they cause 70-80% of mold sickness symptoms).
  • How mycotoxins change your immune system and increase allergy sensitivities.
  • The best ways to eliminate mycotoxins and help your body naturally detox (including which foods to eat and avoid).
  • What makes mold more aggressive and encourages more mycotoxin production (and why routes like burning clean incense may help).

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