Episode #073

Dr. Mary Newport

Using Ketones to Combat Brain Inflammation Plus New Recommendations for Alzheimer’s

Inflammation is a very prominent feature of Alzheimer’s. You don’t have Alzheimer’s unless there’s inflammation in the brain. Click To Tweet

Dr. Mary Newport didn’t set out to study neurodegenerative diseases.

Professionally speaking, she was a neonatologist for over 30 years, as you’ll learn.

But an unfortunate circumstance led her down the path of needing to find alternative therapies for treating her husband’s Alzheimer’s.

Through her research, she discovered that something she was already feeding preemies in her NICU could help combat brain inflammation.

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In the episode, she shares all about her journey and her incredible story, what her research has uncovered, and the powerful results she saw in as little as a few hours. 

You’ll also discover more about MCTs and coconut oil and why she recommends them for preventative purposes too and to combat any existing inflammation before it gets worse.

And if you haven’t heard of Dr. Newport yet, she’s one of the first to use coconut oil and MCTs to treat neurodegenerative diseases — she’s been doing so for over eleven years now.

She’s also authored three books since starting this journey and has made it her mission to spread everything she’s learned in the hopes of helping others.

Dr. Newport is a fantastic woman and that’s just of the reasons why I can’t wait to share this episode with you. It’s a powerful one that’s jam-packed with research and incredible studies to support what Dr. Newport discovered while treating her husband.

Here’s a look inside everything we cover:

  • Dr. Mary Newport’s professional background as a neonatologist and how she shifted her personal focus to treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • What causes neurodegenerative diseases?   
  • How our current treatments for these conditions fare and the side effects that come with them
  • How she stumbled on coconut oil and MCTs and why she started using them
  • How her husband’s diet changed since supplementing
  • The incredible results her husband saw when using coconut oil and MCTs
  • Was there an upper limit or diminishing returns at some point in dosage?
  • The surprising obstacles she faced once she discovered these powerful perks
  • Ketone esters and salts and Dr. Newport’s experience with these
  • The ketone levels she maintained for therapeutic ketosis
  • The problems associated with high inflammation levels and how BHB can help
  • The conditions that may benefit the most from coconut oil and MCTs
  • Dr. Newport also shares if there’s a standard protocol to use and what she tried personally with her husband’s condition and her own dosing
  • Can you see results with supplementing with coconut oil and MCTs without being in ketosis?

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