Episode #48

Brandon Carter

How to Build Muscle on Keto, Protein-Sparing Modified Fasts, and The Positive Side Effects that Come with a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet

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Is it possible to build muscle on keto?

Or do you need carbs to do this?

And if you don’t really need carbohydrates, what does it take?

More fat? Or more protein?

As you’ll learn in this podcast episode with Brandon Carter — the self-proclaimed Keto King who’s on a mission of helping people get ripped on keto — you don’t need carbs to build muscle but you will need to adjust your macros.

Brandon shares his tips for how to do just that, his personal experience with a keto diet, and how his personal training clients also benefited from going low-carb in this podcast episode.

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With over 2.5 million Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube subscribers, Brandon normally shares his knowledge online but he carved out some time to discuss those topics and how he maintains his physique using a ketogenic diet with me in this podcast episode.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything we dive into:

  • How Brandon started his fitness journey
  • The book that shifted his mindset
  • What pushes Brandon forward
  • Brandon also talks about his keto journey and why and how he get started
  • How Brandon’s cholesterol changed in just 1 month of following a keto diet
  • The positive side effects he saw with keto
  • We also talk about Brandon’s transition into ketosis and what it’s like for him now
  • Can you build muscle on keto?
  • The one thing he noticed in his clients when it comes to building muscle on keto
  • Brandon’s personal preference — and mine — on a cyclical keto diet
  • What happened when he took his macros to 30% of calories from protein, 10% from carbs, and 60% from fat
  • Why you may not have a high ketone level
  • The problem with chasing certain metrics on keto
  • Brandon’s take on testing yourself
  • What happened to his ketones and body fat when he tried a protein-sparing modified fast for two weeks
  • Brandon’s go-to morning beverage

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