Episode #28

Dr. Anthony Gustin

My Carnivore Diet Results and Q&A

028: Dr. Anthony Gustin - My Carnivore Diet Results and Q&A

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When I first switched from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a paleo diet, my health improved dramatically.

My next health upgrade was going from paleo to keto, which unlocked boundless energy, improved my focus, boosted my metabolism, and optimized how I felt overall.

I loved the ketogenic diet so much that I founded Perfect Keto to make the keto lifestyle accessible and easier for others.

On March, I tested a new nutritional approach: the carnivore diet. That’s right, for 5.5 weeks, I ate only animal products — mostly red meat.

I know how that sounds. Relying on meat and cutting out veggies is the exact opposite of what health institutions have told us to do. It raises questions like:

What about fiber?
What about your cholesterol?
What about your gut?

Even meat-loving keto-ers would probably wonder about gluconeogenesis and ketone levels.

I’m happy to tell you all these things are not a problem on a carnivore diet.

You can eat carnivore, be in ketosis, and feel your best —all the same time.

Going carnivore turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health, and today I’m excited to share my results.

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As the carnivore diet gained more traction in the fitness and keto world, more people started asking me whether they should try it or not and what effects it has on health.

And the truth is I didn’t have a solid answer back then because I don’t like recommending things I haven’t tested myself.

But after reading about the health improvements carnivores are having on this diet, I was eager to try it and measure the impact of a meat-only diet on my own health.

As you can see, it’s just you and me today and — for the first time in the podcast— there’s a video version of this episode too!

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In this episode, I go over:

  • Why I decided to try the carnivore diet in the first place
  • The type of meats I ate the most
  • How I was able to eat mostly grass-fed beef and organ meats
  • The best cut of meat I recommend
  • Other animal products I ate besides red meat
  • Should you include dairy in a carnivore diet? When to do it and when not to
  • What my serving sizes looked like
  • Why I didn’t track my portions
  • My daily calories
  • The carnivore adaptation period and why it happens
  • How the carnivore diet affected my health markers: triglycerides, HDL, LDL, lipoprotein(a), CRP, glucose, insulin, Hb1c, testosterone, vitamin D, kidney markers, liver markers, thyroid markers, and iron.
  • Why pH levels don’t matter much
  • Why the blood markers of someone on a carnivore diet are trickier to read
  • Why your blood work is like a movie
  • Why gut issues can increase LDL levels
  • Why certain problems inside your gut don’t manifest as gut issues
  • Gluconeogenesis and ketosis on carnivore
  • Why my blood sugar was stable despite eating 2 pounds of meat/day
  • Did I stay in ketosis?
  • The truth about the ideal protein-to-fat ratio to achieve ketosis
  • Exercise recovery as a carnivore
  • How eating mostly meat affected my response to alcohol
  • Why I prefer eating according to hunger instead of doing a scheduled fast
  • How I got enough fiber in my meat-only diet
  • How my cognition, emotional well-being and energy skyrocketed on the carnivore diet
  • How I feel overall on keto vs carnivore
  • How to do carnivore if your goal is weight loss and gaining muscle mass
  • How I felt after reintroducing plant foods into my diet
  • Why you should get fat-adapted before trying the carnivore diet
  • Why red meat doesn’t actually cause diseases
  • What we really know about mTOR and meat consumption
  • Why you don’t really need that much food variety
  • How long you should test the carnivore diet to notice results
  • How to find the right meat and plant food balance
  • Is it healthy to follow a carnivore diet forever?
  • How I eat now
  • The non-animal foods I added back to my diet

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