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Next up in our Source Matters series is a guide to buying healthy seafood. Figuring out how to properly source these little monsters can be quite the ordeal. This post is an attempt to simplify the process of buying seafood for you. Check out our previous installments on beef, poultry, produce, dairy, and coffee. With […]

Next in our healthy guide in our Source Matters series is buying healthy dairy. You can check out our previous paleo guides on beef, poultry, produce, and coffee. Wait, do you hear that? Those are the paleo police sirens coming to lock me up in paleo prison! “Paleo” can be using whatever your body can for optimal performance, […]

This is a healthy buying guide and continuation of our Source Matters series. Feel free to check out previous installments on red meat, poultry, and coffee. Here I’ll highlight why, where and how to start buying healthy vegetables and fruits possible for maximum health benefits. Buying healthy vegetables and fruits isn’t really as easily as it sounds. For the most part, […]

After water, coffee is the second most popular drink in this country and it is the second most traded commodity in the world. It serves a number of beneficial purposes, such as increasing alertness, physical endurance, mood, fat burning, insulin sensitivity, cognitive function and serves as a fantastic source of antioxidants. The list of benefits doesn’t stop there and will be highlighted even […]

Recently I wrote an in depth article on how to buy healthy chicken and eggs. The next installment of the Source Matters series addresses how to buy healthy meats. These guidelines apply to all of the ruminants: cows, sheep, goats, bison, lamb and others – simply buying healthy meats. Rumination refers to the process of chewing up, […]

We just wrote a lengthy post on the importance of whey protein. This second guide will cover how to determine the best sources of poultry products: How to buy healthy chickens, eggs and everything in between. Buying healthy chicken and eggs can be quite the headache. Poultry products typically have some of the most wrongly marketed and deceiving labels of […]