Episode 09: Removing Digital Distractions

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On this episode we’ll be talking about why digital distractions (aka notifications) are the ultimate time vampire. Notifications from digital devices literally suck the lifeblood out of your day. Time to slay these vampires.

Imagine these 2 typical scenarios of digital distractions:

Digital Distraction Scenario 1

You are busy doing some hard thinking, working with intention and then BAM. You get a digital distraction – a notification that someone e-mailed, text or called you. Or you got an app notification. A Twitter mention. A like on Facebook. It doesn’t matter.

The struggle to combat this vampire is real and the urge is strong. How can you resist now entering into the lair of the digital distraction vampire. You can’t. The digital distraction has sunk its teeth into your neck.

25 minutes later, after browsing through your Facebook newsfeed and looking at videos of cats, it’s time to start working again. Oh wait, a new notification! Get away digital distraction time vampire!

Digital Distraction Scenario 2

You wake up by the sound of your alarm in the morning, but wait, the digital distraction vampire has been in bed, sleeping with you the whole time. There’s a long list of notifications you have to take care of before getting out of bed. Some people commented on your Instagram photo, you have seventeen unimportant emails, and four Facebook pokes.

Better check all of those before getting out of bed. Better let the digital distraction vampire suck all of your blood and stress you out.

20 minutes later it’s time to actually get out of bed because you’re late for something. The structure of your day is ruined and you’re super stressed before getting out of bed. You have already become a slave to your phone and let it dictate your day with digital distractions.

Do Digital distractions really dictate your day and time?

Your phone should not dictate what you do throughout the day.  Digital distractions are just not worth it. Someone commenting on a photo of you on FB should not have immediate access to disrupt what you are currently doing. Your time is way too valuable for that. You have way too many important things to do than let your phone control your actions.

If you think about it, every moment a notification on your phone gets you to take an action, you are not the owner of your day. The digital distraction vampire controls your day.

Digital notifications are draining the lifeblood from your day. They’re literally killing it.

This Week’s Challenge: Remove digital distractions

We challenge you this week to do 1 of 2 things:

Option 1: Turn off all notifications on your phone for 1 week except phone calls and text messages (unless tons of people text you, then turn that off too)

Option 2: Turn your phone to airplane mode at night and don’t turn it off that mode until you’ve started your day off with some productive tasks

You should control when you look at your email or your FB, not some notification. Someone’s comment on a picture of a cat isn’t more important than you getting done what you want to get done and having ownership of your time.