30 Day Paleo: Day Twenty Five – Attempt To Braise Meat

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Cooking meat can be intimidating. Dry and tough meat is the least appetizing thing you’d want to eat. Braising meat is an easy and near foolproof way to make fall off the bone, tender meat that tastes amazing. Braising is also an easy way to turn those stubborn and tough cuts of inexpensive meat into gourmet tasting meals.

The best cuts to use when you braise meat would be fatty, skin on cuts. Think beef ribs, chicken thighs, duck legs. The fat creates a seal that keeps juices in. Couple this with low and slow temps to create an environment where the meat stays tender, rather than overcooked, dry or rubbery. The protein fibers of the meat slowly break apart instead of split in high heat cooking.

Cast iron skillets or ceramic cookware work best in this situation. Head on over to check out the Paleo Kitchen Equipment guide for our recommended equipment. These types of cookware are best due to their versatility of being able to sear and roast in the same vessel.

Check out the steps before for a foolproof way to braise meat.

Step One – Sear Meat

Heat up cast iron skillet on stove. If you have a very fatty cut of meat, it is not entirely necessary to add coconut oil/lard. If you’re working with leaner cuts, use coconut oil, avocado oil, or rendered lard.

Step Two – Add liquid/vegetables

Add in whatever the recipe calls for or whatever you think will taste good. Braising up some lamb ribs? Add in some red wine. Chicken thighs or legs? Chicken bone broth.

Step Three – Roast

Cover the meat with some foil or the top of the pan and bake at 350 degrees or lower until it is done. Use the drippings from the meat to make a reduction sauce.

Experiment with different types of meats, different types of liquid, and add in some vegetables if you feel like getting creative!

RECIPE – guajillo braised chicken legs