Episode #175

Daniel Firth Griffith

The Regenerative Power of Holistically Managed & Wild Living Systems

We need to scale the regenerative movement by keeping it small… If we can’t keep farmers working in local communities, we won’t have local communities. - Daniel Firth Griffith Click To Tweet

Daniel Firth Griffith is a man of many talents. Poet, author of three books, farmer, hunter-husbandmand, entrepreneur, father — the list goes on.

He’s also the founder and director of the Robinia Institute, which teaches others the regenerative power of holistically managed and wild living systems.

So I knew I had to have his unique (sometimes divisive) perspective on the podcast.

We chat about everything from why it was so difficult for him to get blurbs from regenerative ag experts for his new book to how long New York City would survive if a blip disrupted the food supply chain. 

We also discuss the current and future state of the regenerative movement, what investors are getting wrong about climate tech, the difference between Mother Culture and Mother Earth, how to support the local communities producing our food, and so much more. 

Farmers forced into a system to survive reduce their potential for regeneration. But when farmers make more money, they make more holistic decisions. - Daniel Firth Griffith Click To Tweet

Daniel’s passion, philosophical detours, and hot takes make this an episode I really enjoyed, and I hope you do too.

Tune in now to hear more about:

  • Daniel’s approach to sharing his stories and writing his best-sellers
  • The nuances of soil health and the confusion of verified regenerative protocols
  • Why things are getting worse for smallholder family farms
  • How we can “do local food better”
  • Why Daniel disagrees with people who think we need to scale the regenerative movement to make an impact
  • The power of collaboration and a “collective consciousness” for farmers 
  • Educating city dwellers about the importance of local, rural communities on food supply chains
  • Why technology won’t save us from food scarcity
  • Whether companies selling regenerative meats are actually helping

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