Episode #165

Roy Krebs

Optimizing Neurotransmitters To Level Up Your Brain

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Dr. Anthony Gustin chats with Roy Krebs, founder and CEO of Natural Stacks, to discuss the natural state of our brain’s four major neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine.

After studying these chemical messengers for over 10 years, Roy explains how our bodies are genetically predisposed to create one neurotransmitter more efficiently than the others. Unfortunately, a dominance in one neurotransmitter then creates a deficiency in the rest.

Neurotransmitter deficiencies may cause everything from brain fog, procrastination, and anxiety to low libido and even weight gain. 

So Roy says the secret to better brain health and performance is learning how to balance and optimize our neurotransmitters naturally. 

You’ll hear his best tips on how to do that with the right environment and supplements (and what to avoid).

You need a mix of precursors (amino acids) and cofactors (vitamins and minerals) to really give your brain everything it needs to make those specific neurotransmitters. Click To Tweet

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What it feels like to be high or low in each neurotransmitter 
  • How to find your dominant neurotransmitters with a simple True/False online test
  • How your environment (diet, sleep, sunshine exposure, etc.) affects your neurotransmitter levels
  • How to create an optimal balance of neurotransmitters naturally
  • Which essential nutrients for brain health most people need more of
  • What inspired Roy to found Natural Stacks
  • How to take the right supplements to match your activity, whether you’re working out, meditating, or crushing your day at the office
  • Which supplements almost act like drugs and mess with the natural function of your brain
  • How to judge supplements for brain support in a mostly unregulated industry

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