Episode #161

Taylor Collins

Using Regenerative Agriculture to Bring Ecosystems Back to Life

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Taylor Collins, founder of EPIC Provisions, a high-protein, meat-based snack, has been a huge inspiration in the regenerative agriculture space.

Not only has he shown what’s possible by transforming once barren ecosystems into thriving pastures, he’s also helping to educate anyone wanting to get into this space.

Taylor is truly a beacon in the area and his hard work is paying off — creeks that have been dry for 80 years are returning to their original flowing states and native plants are finally resurfacing after being completely wiped out from monoculture agriculture. 

With such positive results, he’s decided to triple down on regenerative ag. 

And you’re about to hear all about this and more when you tune into this episode.

Taylor and I dive into his incredible journey from being a vegetarian endurance athlete to creating a meat-based protein bar and how he eventually started his own regenerative agriculture farm.

You’ll also discover how Taylor’s regenerative ag practices are transforming ecosystems, why he doesn’t operate with a business plan and what he does instead, and what it’s like to raise two daughters on the farm.

Taylor also shares what the next five years look like for him and his wife and how this incredible journey has changed their entire outlook.

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If you’re not familiar with Taylor Collins, he’s the founder behind EPIC Provisions, a high-protein, all-meat snack and the farmers and founder behind Roam Ranch, a regenerative agriculture farm in Texas that aims to produce nourishing meat and heal ecosystems.

In this episode, you’ll hear about the following topics:

  • Taylor’s background and how he became a first generation rancher
  • What he’s noticed since reconnecting with the land
  • Taylor’s health journey from following dietary norms and doing endurance races to experiencing inflammation and joint pain and how he healed from it
  • How his company EPIC Provisions came about
  • How Taylor operated without a business plan and what that looked like
  • How Taylor brought a barren piece of farmland in Texas back to life
  • What’s destroying our land and what can be done to fix things
  • Is it necessary to eat animals to restore natural resources?
  • Seeing life as a transfer of energy
  • How consumers yield the power for changing the health of our planet
  • How a dried out creek on Taylor’s property was transformed into its former flowing glory thanks to their regenerative agriculture practices
  • How plant species have dramatically changed on his farm
  • How the insects fared on his farm using their regenerative ag practices
  • What the next five years look like for Taylor and his wife

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