Episode #153

Jeff Nobbs

Cultured Oil: The Veggie Oil Replacement That’s Healthier And Better for the Environment

Compared to olive oil (production), Cultured Oil uses 95-99% less land and about 300 times less water. Click To Tweet

I had my good friend Jeff Nobbs on this podcast over 100 episodes ago — he was one of the first 50 guests I chatted with.

In that episode, Jeff shared with me his 10+ year veggie oil crusade and why the research continues to prove just how harmful vegetable and seed oils are for our health and the environment.

But since we covered the topic in-depth then, we’re moving into a different area for this episode. Specifically, Jeff and I are diving into what you can replace vegetable oils with and how to make this both sustainable and scalable.

You’ll also hear about how Jeff came up with an incredible solution to the problem, Cultured Oil, and you’ll learn all about what that is, what it’s made from, how it’s better for your health and the environment, and so much more.

I was a huge skeptic at first when it came to Cultured Oil but now that I’ve dove deeper into everything I can on it, I’m starting to see what a great alternative is.

Two of the top three deforestation drivers are vegetable oil crops. Click To Tweet

If you don’t know Jeff Nobbs, he’s a serial entrepreneur on a mission to solve one of the world’s biggest problems.

While helping other top-brands, like Perfect Keto, HelpKitchen, and more, he’s learned exactly what it takes to create and sell a product that has a massive positive impact.

And that’s exactly what his latest brand, Zero Acre Farms, is doing.

You’ll hear about that business and more when you tune into this episode:

  • Jeff’s thought process and journey of starting to make and sell Cultured Oil
  • The reasons why you can’t just use other fats instead
  • The other reasons why animal fats wouldn’t work and why they’re not as scalable as Cultured Oil
  • What Jeff’s process looks like to create Cultured Oil
  • More about the fermentation process
  • Are you eating bugs if you consume Cultured Oil?
  • Does Jeff’s Cultured Oil contain genetically modified ingredients?
  • Why this is not a new food and how it compares to other oils on the market
  • What Jeff feeds the microorganisms
  • The biggest variables to consider when producing Cultured Oil
  • How the oil is extracted in Cultured Oil and how this compares to other oils on the market
  • How Cultured Oil impacts the environment compared to seed oils
  • Why not just use olive oil or avocado oil instead?
  • The fat breakdown of Cultured Oil and why that is
  • The qualities that make Cultured Oil better for cooking certain foods

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