Episode #123

Mary Ruddick

Healing Chronic Diseases Through Dietary Changes

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Looking at certified nutritionist Mary Ruddick, you wouldn’t know that she was sick for over 12 years, unable to walk to the bathroom due to an infection that attacked her brain and nervous system, and dealt with severe kidney, liver, and lung disease.

She was also on a countless number of medications and was seen by dozens of well-renowned doctors who couldn’t help heal her conditions.

Fast forward to today and Mary looks like the picture perfect image of health and she’s never felt better since she was able to reverse her chronic diseases and dysautonomia.

You may be wondering how Mary managed to accomplish all of that, and that’s exactly what you’ll hear about when you check out today’s episode.

Essentially, Mary tested out different diets and was able to heal herself of chronic diseases.

She even cured her PCOS and endometriosis after being told she should remove huge chunks of her reproductive system.

You’ll discover how that’s possible along with why Mary has since made it her mission to study diets from around the world to uncover what makes some cultures healthier than others.

Mary and I also dive into whether chronic diseases are normalized in other countries, how different cultures are able to do better on certain diets, and how to make both mental shifts and lifestyle changes to improve your health.

You’ll also hear more about the gut microbiome, whether being in good health is genetic, and my upcoming trip to Africa with Mary where we plan to explore the diet of local tribes there.

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On top of being a certified nutritionist, Mary Ruddick is a teacher and author of several books and online programs and a certified yoga instructor.

She spends her time traveling the world exploring different diets and she helps people heal from chronic diseases.

Mary also specializes in helping people rebalance their gut microbiome to heal health disorders that negatively affect their lives. 

When you tune in, you’ll hear about Mary’s incredible healing journey, what she did to get to this point, and what she recommends doing to also start healing yourself from chronic health issues.

Here’s a peek into some of the topics Mary and I get into in this episode:

  • How Mary travels so often and visits a new country every week to study traditional diets and food preparation methods
  • Mary’s family background and how this affected her
  • How she was fully disabled at one point and then went into remission due to changing her diet
  • How Mary got so sick in the first place and eventually ended up with severe kidney, lung, and liver disease
  • How Mary was on countless medications that only made the problem worse and what happened when she reversed this
  • Mary also shares whether she made a mental or emotional shift first to start healing her conditions
  • The problem with how we handle chronic illnesses and what should be done instead
  • The protocol that Mary uses with her clients
  • How she achieved full remission after a year of testing different protocols
  • The diets that stuck out the most to Mary while traveling the world
  • The importance of the gut microbiome and why this is so different in people
  • The role your background plays in how you feel and your gut microbiome
  • If you’re born with a terrible gut microbiome, is it possible to rebuild it?
  • How Mary healed her PCOS and endometriosis
  • The role insulin plays in PCOS and endometriosis
  • Is chronic disease normalized in other cultures?
  • How Mary chooses the countries she travels to 
  • More about her upcoming trip to Africa
  • When did health start to decline in other cultures?
  • Traditional versus modern diets
  • What happens when non-native foods are introduced locally
  • Is health genetic?

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