Episode #084

Travis Christofferson

How Our Health Care System Keeps You Sick

The amount of overtreatment plagues the US healthcare system. When you account for overtreatment and fraud, it’s about 50% of the healthcare administered in the US. Click To Tweet

In his first book, Tripping Over the Truth, author Travis Christofferson wrote about how cancer may come from a metabolic origin.

His theory was nothing new and, if you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve heard me talk about this with guests like Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Miriam Kalamian, and Dr. Angela Poff.

Since we’ve covered this topic so extensively already with those guests, today’s episode with Travis Christofferson takes the conversation a bit further.

So you’ll hear more about treating cancer with supplemental theories, but that’s just the beginning of what we get into.

While diving into this research, Travis quickly discovered that our health care system is failing patient success rates and it doesn’t have to be this way.

“The war on cancer has been a complete debacle.” Click To Tweet

When you tune into the episode, you’ll hear more about what’s really preventing us from lowering health care costs, why supplemental therapies that are more effective aren’t being used, and what needs to change to fix this.

Travis and I also get into why the war on cancer is so ineffective, why cancer rates are really down, and so much more.

On top of writingTripping Over the Truth, Travis is also the author of Curable, which outlines the exact blueprint needed to transform our health care system.

He’s also earned a master’s degree in material engineering and science and he’s the founder of The Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies.

By checking out the episode, you’ll learn more about Travis’ background, whether or not it’s possible to fix this, and how we get to that point.

Here’s a peek at some of the topics Travis and I discuss:

  • Travis Christofferson’s background and how he found himself on this health journey
  • Why is cancer on the rise?
  • Why the war on cancer is such a mess
  • Bioenergetics of cancer cells
  • Metabolic dysfunction of cancer cells
  • Supplemental therapies and metabolic cancer treatments and why we’re not using them as much as we should be
  • Why our healthcare system is the way it is today and what’s wrong with that
  • Should the government get more involved in our health care system?
  • The three strategies that Travis sees the most success with when combined
  • Why it’s important to restore aerobic metabolism and what that is
  • Are there cancers that don’t respond to keto?
  • The cancers that fare the best with supplemental therapies
  • The biggest issues that plague our health care system today
  • Are any health care systems doing things the right way?
  • The surprising results of fecal transfers and what we learned from these
  • Travis also shares his thoughts on the carnivore diet

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