Episode #068

Dave Feldman

High Cholesterol on Keto, Triglyceride Levels, The Best Way to Gauge Cholesterol, and When to Be Alarmed

If you’re powered by fat, there’s a decent chance, especially if you’re metabolically flexible, that your total and LDL cholesterol will be higher eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. Click To Tweet

“Help! I just got my blood work back from my doctor’s office and they said my cholesterol levels are way too high. They also told me that chronically high levels could lead to needing to take a statin everyday. What gives? Is my doctor right?”

I receive concerned messages like these every single day.

And while I can’t give you medical advice through the screen, my guest speaker, Dave Feldman may be able to shed some light on the situation.

See, Dave studies lipidology, which means he dives deep into understanding lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides.

He does this to help people prevent cholesterol problems that can lead to metabolic diseases like diabetes and serious conditions such as heart disease and strokes. 

As you’ll learn in this episode, high levels of cholesterol may not be a bad thing if your other blood markers, which you’ll hear about in the episode, are low.

Triglycerides are a powerful diagnostic indicator of dysregulation. Click To Tweet

But if those key markers of inflammation are high, your doctor’s concern may be warranted. 

By tuning into the episode, you’ll learn about the ones to pay attention to and what may be normal on keto and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Dave Feldman — who has over 50k social followers — if you didn’t know, also shares everything he’s discovered through his research and his own personal journey.

So you’ll hear more about how he lowered his A1c level down from a 7.1 and what he found gives you a true gauge of your cholesterol levels, among other topics.

He’ll also discuss what it means to be a lean hyper responder and what to do about it.

And that’s just the start of things.

Here’s what else we get into within this episode:

  • Dave’s background and how he found himself in this space
  • The Feldman process
  • What does lipidology mean?
  • LDL vs HDL cholesterol
  • Lean mass hyper responders and how this affects blood markers
  • When to be concerned when it comes to cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • How high levels of this can be compared to having high blood sugar
  • The best way to get a true picture of cholesterol, including how long to fast before your blood test and the one indicator you should really pay attention to
  • How a coffee sensitivity can throw off your bloodwork 
  • The health markers should you really look at and why
  • Inflammatory markers to also pay attention to
  • Why is this information useful?
  • Other blood panels to consider
  • Saturated fat, ketones, and  cholesterol
  • Reactive oxygen species and chain oxidation and why this matters
  • Why your cholesterol levels shouldn’t be your first indicator of health and what should be instead 
  • David also shares his advice for people who have stalled on keto
  • You’ll even hear more about his upcoming experiment and what he’s looking to test next
  • Why would polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce LDL?

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