Episode #19

Dr. Shawn Baker

Busting Myths About The Carnivore Diet and How to Thrive On Meat

019: Busting Myths About The Carnivore Diet and How to Thrive On Meat — Dr. Shawn Baker
For the most part, I’d say 99% of my diet is just some sort of steak, red meat — and it’s often a ribeye. Click To Tweet

Most people would raise their eyebrows at a fully carnivore diet.

The thought of eliminating plants and loading up on red meat goes against what we have been told by our parents, schools, and even the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, if you’re following a ketogenic diet, paleo, or any other diet, you can supercharge your health and performance by going carnivore.

As a carnivore diet leader and expert, Dr. Shawn Baker gets questions about it constantly.

What about fiber?

How do I get vitamin C?

Does meat cause cancer?

Will eating too much meat kick me out ketosis?

Is eating a carnivore diet good or bad for the planet?

In today’s episode, Dr. Baker answers these questions and breaks down common misconceptions of the carnivore diet.

Shawn is a surgeon, weightlifting world record holder, and carnivore diet pioneer. He began eating fully carnivore a year ago to improve his physical performance, get rid of joint pain, and prevent age-related diseases.

After experiencing impressive health improvements, he decided to stick to carnivore indefinitely and teach others about it.

Can animal agriculture be a net positive for health and for the environment? I think it can be, particularly if the animals are pastured appropriately. Click To Tweet

Today we chat about common concerns people have before going carnivore, the benefits and safety considerations of eating just meat, the important difference between plant-based and meat-based nutrition, and much more.

In this episode, we go over:

  • Dr. Baker’s journey into the carnivore diet
  • How the microbiome can change on a carnivore diet
  • Why not everyone will have the same results eating carnivore
  • The truth about fiber: is it really essential?
  • Why the current dietary allowances are skewed and inaccurate
  • How nutrition needs change depending on whether you follow a plant-based or meat-based diet.
  • Nutritional hurdles on a plant-based diet
  • Why animal cells are more nutritious and satisfying
  • Why it’s important to eat according to our appetite
  • The ancestral reason meat is fundamental to our health
  • Why lab markers are not the ultimate measure of your health
  • Does meat cause cancer? The controversy around WHO’s claims.
  • Is the carnivore diet sustainable?
  • Could everyone on the planet eat meat without damaging the environment?
  • Misconceptions about the meat industry
  • Does red meat rot in your colon?
  • Digestion of meat protein vs plant protein
  • Are the carnivore diet and ketosis compatible?
  • Meat and gluconeogenesis
  • Why focusing on ketone levels isn’t that important
  • How nutrition impacts mental health
  • How much meat Shawn eats per day and his preferred meat sources

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