Episode #3

Jimmy Moore

Fixing Your Nutrition & Losing Weight With Low Carb Keto

003: Fixing Your Nutrition And Losing Weight With Keto - Jimmy Moore
Cholesterol is like the firefighters inside your body and inflammation is the fire. Click To Tweet

Do you think you can lose 100 pounds in 100 days?

Today’s guest, Jimmy Moore, did just that.

In his early 30s, Jimmy weighed over 400 pounds and needed respiratory, high-blood pressure, and cholesterol medication. He also drank 16 cans of Coca-Cola per day and loved binging on processed food.

He realized he needed to turn his health around before it was too late.

After trying countless low-fat diets that failed, Jimmy was convinced there was a missing piece in the weight loss puzzle. That’s why, in 2004, he decided to try a new disruptive diet that went against everything he was told by his doctors, teachers, and even his mother: a low carb, high-fat diet.

In a time when fat was vilified and the low-fat dogma dominated the mainstream dietary advice, eating fatty foods and shunning carbs was considered almost a death sentence. But to Jimmy, it was the exact opposite.

Fast forward one year later, he no longer needed his medications, had lost almost 200 pounds, and flaunted a trimmer waist.

I ended up losing 6 inches more off my waist when NO weight on the scale was coming down. It reminded me that this isn't just about that weight on the scale. This is about whole health. Click To Tweet

Not only did he transform his health, but he went on to become one of the pioneers of the low carb movement, turned into a successful health blogger and podcaster, and wrote one of the first official books on the ketogenic diet, Keto Clarity.

Jimmy joins me today to talk about his journey, share what he’s learned in all of his years of research, and tell you how you can reach your health goals with the ketogenic diet.

In this episode, we go over:

  • How Jimmy transformed his health and lost 180 pounds in his first year on a low carb diet
  • The many health benefits of fat adaptation (beyond weight loss)
  • What happens to your body when it’s entering ketosis and adapting to burning fat as fuel
  • Why and how intermittent fasting can help you lose weight
  • Why cholesterol is actually good for you (and why you shouldn’t be afraid of having a high total cholesterol)
  • The relationship between cholesterol, inflammation, and disease
  • How to know if you’re in ketosis and how to measure your ketone levels
  • How to measure how many carbs your body can take

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