30 Day Paleo

If you’re coming from not the best diet or lifestyle completely overwhelmed with all of these foreign changes to a healthier you, that’s okay. I have you covered. If you need some time to adjust slowly and make gradual changes, the 30 Day Paleo Guide is for you.

No, “paleo” doesn’t need to be super dogmatic. Paleo is a good starting framework to basically say “I eat real food that spoils.”

30 day paleo is a step by step guide for everything you need to become a healthier you

You don’t need to complete each of the actionable steps in order and day by day. However, it is most effective if you stick to the plan as it is designed to ease you out of old, destructive habits and into new, healthy habits. Take your time if you need it, master the subjects and make them a habit!



  • 30 steps to transforming your health

  • what to avoid and what to add for flawless nutrition

  • Tips and tricks on how to cook healthy meals

  • what three supplements are key for optimal function

  • Top 5 paleo lifestyle hacks for better performance

  • …and much more!

You may not feel immediate moments of clarity, increased energy, and other rapid changes you might with the 30 Minute Paleo Guide. On the other hand, you will experience a more gradual appreciation for overall health using a manageable framework.

30 Day Paleo can be started whenever YOU are ready! So download the free guide NOW and make today Day Number One!

Index for each day of 30 Day Paleo:

Day One: Stop Eating Processed Food
Day Two: Setting Personal Goals For Health
Day Three: Clean Out Your Kitchen and Make Your Paleo Pantry
Day Four: Create a Vegetable Variety
Day Five: Supplement to Your Optimal Vitamin D Levels
Day Six: Find & Shop a Local Farmers Market
Day Seven: Remove Whole Grains
Day Eight: Make A Slow Cooker Meal A Masterpiece
Day Nine: Switch to Grass Fed Butter or Make Ghee
Day Ten: Make Exercise a Habit
Day Eleven: Supplement With High Quality Fish Oil
Day Twelve: Cook With Coconut Oil
Day Thirteen: Set Up Your Sleeping Quarters
Day Fourteen: Remove Beans and Legumes
Day Fifteen: Master Meal Prepping
Day Sixteen: Know Why Source of Food Matters
Day Seventeen: Fill Up on Healthy Saturated Fats
Day Eighteen: Make Sure You’re Taking Magnesium
Day Nineteen: Stop Drinking Beer & Optimize Social Alcohol
Day Twenty: Start Becoming More Social
Day Twenty One: Reconsider Unhealthy Fruits
Day Twenty Two: Upgrade Your Kitchen Tool Set
Day Twenty Three: Master Modifying Meals With Eating Out Tips
Day Twenty Four: Boil Up Some Bone Broth Nutrition
Day Twenty Five: Attempt To Braise Meat
Day Twenty Six: Learn to Dress and Prep For Variety
Day Twenty Seven: Go Paleo With Non-Food Items
Day Twenty Eight: Experiment With Organ Meat
Day Twenty Nine: Skip Meals When You’re Not Hungry
Day Thirty: Look Backward to Look Forward

Don’t worry about doing the guide day for day for the whole 30 days. Try to incorporate as much as you can throughout each step and reevaluate when you’re done with the 30 days to see which things you can still improve on.

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